Friday, October 25, 2013

What`s Apple hiding in its shelf for 2014?

Apple 2013 product line up is mere hardware and software bump from previous models except for the 64bit desktop class A7 processor. Why do they wait for long one+ year?
What are they planning ahead?
What's waiting in their shelves?
Why does they want to release a 64bit desktop class A7 processor in all their products except iPhone 5C?
Why is Mavericks free?
Why is their productivity apps became free on both iOS and OSX?

Apple is a perfectionist will wait until a technology is mature enough and should enhance user experience. Did Apple found a way to combine iOS and OSX into one operating system which might be Apple OS? There are lots of possibilities. Use of 64bit in iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini is Apple might want user base to test something under the hood or to attract developers to switch to 64bit apps in 2014. Mavericks is free which attracts more users to its Mac line up. So it's evident that Apple is a game changer they already did it with iPods, iPhones and iPads.

2014 Will be the year for that mystery product it may be a iWatch, iTV, iCar or iSomething. They will definitely enter into living room but not just as a smart TV, 3D TV or a 4K TV but as an iTV.
iPhone 6 Will be the biggest makeover to iPhone since iPhone.

As a Apple enthusiast waiting to see those in near future.

What would you expect from Apple in 2014?

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