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Apple iPad Pro: Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumours - Everything

iPad Pro
A mock-up of what the iPad Pro could look like, next to the smaller iPad 4 and iPad mini.
Expected Key Features:
  • 12.9in screen with 4K resolution
  • Priced between iPad Air and MacBook Air
  • 2014 release date
As soon as Apple named its latest iPad the Air, it was immediately obvious a Pro model would soon join the lineup. Following in the footsteps of the company's
MacBook lineup, a larger, more powerful and more expensive Pro model would fit neatly above the current Air and mini.
Add this logic to an increasing mass of rumours claiming Apple is working on tablets larger than the 9.7in iPad Air, and a Pro being released in 2014 seems a foregone conclusion.
Apple iPad Pro: Design
We're yet to see any leaked photos of the iPad Pro, but you'd be brave to bet against Apple adopting a similar style for the Pro as it has for the Air and mini. This means glass on the front, aluminium on the back, and a chrome chamfered edge around the sides.
Given the new Air mimics the mini's narrower screen bezels, we'd expect the Pro to get a similar treatment, but its extra size and a focus on work rather than play could negate the need for making portability the device's forte.
If portability isn't as crucial to the iPad Pro as it is to the two smaller models - and work is very much on the agenda - we wonder if Apple will give the larger tablet an integrated stand, similar to that of the Microsoft Surface 2. Then, the Pro could be seen as Apple's entry-level work machine filling the gap between tablet and computer.
Apple iPad Pro: Screen
Stepping away from the realms of pure speculation, various sources familiar with the company's supply chain claim Apple is experimenting with 12.9in displays for use in a tablet.
Speaking to Chinese website Pad News, the unnamed insiders claim Apple is working on prototypes with 2K and 4K screen resolutions; while the former seems unlikely given the iPad Air's resolution of 2048 x 1536, a 4K or Ultra HD iPad makes sense, as it would take Apple ahead of high-resolution rivals like the Kindle Fire HDX.
Apple's tablet for professionals could have a resolution as high as 4096 x 3072, double that of the iPad Air and producing a pixel density of 397 pixels per inch, much higher than the Air's 264ppi.
The news tallies with reports from the Wall Street Journal, which said in July that Apple is working on a new tablet measuring "slightly less than 13 inches diagonally."
This was followed in September by reports that Apple manufacturing partner Quanta Computer was helping to create a 12in iPad; the company has previously worked with Apple on its iPod range and the MacBook Air.
The iPad Pro's screen will no doubt be its defining feature, and offering a 4K Ultra HD resolution would be the PR boost Apple needs, having not updated the regular iPad's screen for almost two years.
Apple iPad Pro: Processor
A complete unknown for now, the processor Apple chooses will likely depend on the iPad Pro's operating system - will it get iOS, or will Apple bet big and bring OS X to the professional tablet?
iOS has always felt worse on the iPad than on the iPhone, and adding an extra three inches of screen space will start to make the operating system feel incredibly (and unnecessarily) spread out. Apple's earliest tablet prototypes, created before the iPhone was even considered, envisioned a touch-optimised version of Mac OS X running on a MacBook-sized tablet - a return to such a device must surely be on the minds of Apple staff.
By bringing OS X to the iPad, Apple would be firing a direct shot at Microsoft and its Surface 2, which runs the widely disliked Windows 8 RT.
Expect to see 3GB or even 4GB of RAM, and storage options somewhere between 64GB and 256GB, with a 4G option for £100 more.
Apple iPad Pro: Price
The iPad Air starts at £399, while the cheapest MacBook Air (Apple's 'budget' laptop) comes in at £849 - there's a huge gap here for a new tablet, and Apple's continuous merging of iOS and OS X points neatly towards the software it could run.
Expect prices to range from £500 to £1,000, but again this is purely speculative for now, based on Apple's current offerings.
Apple iPad Pro: Release Date
An announcement to coincide with the Mac's 30th birthday in late January would be superb timing, but at less than two months away this seems unlikely given the lack of leaks thus far.
Apple and other technology companies test and develop prototypes which never see the light of day, so news that devices with 12.9in screens are floating around Apple's factories doesn't mean a launch is imminent - but we fully expect an addition to the iPad family sometime in 2014, a claim backed up by industry sources speaking to the Korea Times in November.
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iPhone 6 Rumors: New iPhone To Launch in October 2014, Smart Bezel, Lytro And NFC Technology

The iPhone 6 rumors continue to fly as the latest release date set in October 2014. Apple is reported to launch both its smartwatch, iWatch and iPhone 6 by then. While Samsung launched its version of a smartwatch, Galaxy Gear in September of 2012, Apple is reportedly taking its time and working hard, trying to solve the iWatch's battery life before the company finally launches it.
A new patent was also mentioned at the iPhone 5S launch but can only be expected for the iPhone 6. This is the fingerprint sensor with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that assists in functions such as data transfers, wireless payment, media playback and more. Apple may also use sonar to replace infrared sensors in the iPhone 6. This technology will help detect where the phone is by giving an alert about an incoming object or detecting if it is held to an ear suggesting use.Apple wants to extend the battery life of iWatch from 4 to 5 days, making it three days longer than the battery life of the Galaxy Gear. Other iPhone 6 rumors include the possibility of a facial recognition technology and a curved screen, with some saying the release date will be in June 2014. While there are also speculations of a phablet-like iPhone, MacRumors noted Apple might offer a 4.8-inch Retina + IGZO screen by Sharp.
One of Apple's latest patents also indicated the iPhone 6 might have a wraparound AMOLED screen like the fourth gen iPod Nano. The patent appears to have an unrolled or unfolded screen with gesture control, layered screens for a 3D display and facial recognition. The wraparound doesn't seem hands-on as the sides would be a touchscreen that makes it impossible for the user to hold the device without pressing the side buttons.
The exciting new smart bezel is also included in the patent with reports saying it would hold flashing buttons and symbols to integrate on-screen action.
According to the patent, this involves a primary display that shows visual content and a secondary display that would work as a guide for the user to give inputs to. Eye tracking, enhanced storage of 128 GB, advanced Bluetooth, sapphire crystal and wireless technology are some other expected features in the Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone Air.
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iWatch Rumoured For October 2014, Could Come With Wireless Charging

We have been hearing a lot of rumours these days surrounding Apple’s own wearable technology, the iWatch. Most of the rumors claim that the watch will see a release in 2014, or to be more specific, the second half of 2014, and according to a recently rumor by Chinese website , C Technology, they are claiming that Apple’s iWatch could debut in October 2014 and will be released alongside Apple’s next-gen iPhone, which we can only assume will be the iPhone 6. The rumor claims that Apple is currently testing two iWatch prototypes of different screen sizes as they are undecided on which size would be better. The rumor goes on to state that the iWatch will sport a 100mAh battery and will apparently come with wireless charging capabilities that will allow users to charge the device from up to a 100m away! In the past we have seen Apple patents which seems to point at the Cupertino company looking into wireless charging for their products, and recent rumors have even suggested that wireless charging could make its way into Apple’s smartphones. Apple is also reportedly struggling with the battery life of the iWatch which seems to last about 1-2 days. If that is the case, Apple will undoubtedly face the same criticism as Samsung did with the Galaxy Gear whose battery life is also around a day as well. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of it so far? Would a 1-2 day battery life be acceptable if it could be charged wirelessly? Meaning that you could still use it around the house or office as long as the wireless charger was plugged in nearby?
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October 2014 Debut for iWatch

Smartwatch enthusiasts looking forward to the launch of Apple’s (AAPL) long-rumored entry into the nascent market will have to wait until late next year, MacRumors notes. A Chinese technology website says that Apple has conducted trials of two smartwatch prototypes and plans to release a final product in October 2014. The iPhone-maker has not yet settled on the devices ultimate screen size. The prototypes that are being tested reportedly include wireless charging capability. The iWatch is said to feature a 100 mAh battery, which would be significantly less powerful than the 315 mAh battery found in Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which received decidedly mixed reviews when it debuted earlier this year. Apple has never confirmed that it is actually working on a smartwatch, though rumors have swirled about the product for more than a year, prompting other technology giants to hurry their own rival watches to the market. Other recent reports have suggested an second quarter 2014 launch for the iWatch. Those reports also indicated that Apple will release the iWatch in two sizes, possibly including a 1.7-inch screen version for men and a 1.3-inch model for women.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

iPhone 6 'to be curved and launch next year'

APPLE'S next smartphone will have a larger, curved screen, following in the footsteps of Samsung and LG, an unnamed insider source has told Bloomberg.
The report suggests that two new iPhone models, planned for release next year, will have 4.7 and 5.5-inch glass displays - larger than the current model. The screens will curve down at the edges, the report suggested.
Apple has declined to comment on the report.
Samsung released its Galaxy Round, which has a curved screen, soon after Apple unveiled its newest iPhone models, the 5S and 5C. A few weeks later, LG also unveiled a curved handset, the G Flex.
Curved screens are said to be more durable, more comfortable to use, and better suited to watching videos and playing games, according to Sky News. They also help to reduce screen glare in bright conditions.
However, the technology is not without its doubters. "There's no proven market for a smartphone with a curved screen," reports ZDNet. "Both companies that have released a smartphone with a curved display have limited availability to South Korea."
The website adds that if Apple were to make a curved-screen handset it "would be gambling its iPhone cash cow on a fad."
Bloomberg's source said the phones were still being developed and would probably go on sale in the third quarter of 2014. 
The report also suggested that future models would react differently to heavy or light touches. This pressure-sensitive technology, being developed with a supplier, is not likely to be ready for the next iPhone release, however.
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