Monday, October 7, 2013

iPad mini 2 Release Delay Rumored Due to Retina, But Source is Suspect

Frequent leaks about Apple’s next iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 tablet offerings have helped to piece together some expected features as well as a possible launch date. While the iPad 5 is expected to be unveiled later this month, a new report from Apple Insider has reinforced the prevailing thought that the iPad mini 2 may not see the light of day any time soon. 
The report quotes analyst Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald, who met several technology suppliers in China and Taiwan. During the course of his tour, White was told that “big things are expected from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad.” There was no mention of the second-generation iPad mini, though. The inference from this, according to the report, is that the mini-tablet might not be launching along with its sibling this month. The analyst has speculated that the iPad mini might come with a Retina Display using Sharp’s IGZO technology. This is contrary to earlier reports hinting at the company is sourcing the display from Samsung.

The new leak backs up what we had heard before about the iPad mini possibly pushing its debut to the next year due to supply constraints. If the device does come to the market this year with a Retina display, it will be in extremely short supply. The source, while talking about the 9.7-inch iPad, ratifies most of what we already know about the fifth-generation tablet. The new device will come with a lighter, thinner design, similar to the current iPad mini. This change is the first major redesign that the company has given to its tablet range in the last few years. 
The source speculated that the new iPads are Apple’s move to capitalise on a “weakening PC market”, as the supply chain indicated to the Cantor Fitzgerald analyst that notebook sales are “soft”. Traditional PC sales are reportedly down as consumers are shifting focus to tablets instead, with “Apple’s iPad lineup carrying the lion’s share of the market.”

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