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Apple iOS 7 Reportedly Coming in March/April 2013: Top 5 Highly Anticipated Features

In 2012, Apple released its iOS 6 operating system, which is incorporated in the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with over 200 new features. So soon, there are reports claiming that Apple is testing the next version - iOS 7. Moreover, Apple follows the strategy of releasing new build of its iOS every year and hence, iOS 7 is set to arrive in 2013. A recent FoneArena report citing inside sources claims that iOS 7 will be announced during a media event in March/April this year. Also, it is speculated that the company will offer a glimpse of the upcoming mobile operating system at the same event. Apple iOS 7 Reportedly Coming in March/April 2013:

Top 5 highly anticipated features
 As mentioned above, iOS 6 comes loaded with 200 new features including Apple Maps, improved Siri, new Safari browser, iCloud cloud storage, deeper integration to Facebook, new PassBook app, PhotoStream app and more. The same way, the Cupertino tech titan is speculated to include some of the features listed below to enhance the user experience. 
Alternate default Maps app
As there were several issues regarding Apple Maps in iOS 6, users were seeking for an alternate Maps application. Hence, it could be a welcome for the iOS users. However, there are several mapping applications available on the App Store for download including Google Maps.
Removal of first part apps 
Though iOS devices can be customized to the liking of the consumers, there is no option to remove the first party apps including Clock, Calendar, Weather, Calculator, Voice Memos, Notes, Reminders, Stocks, Passbook, Videos and more. If iOS 7 comes with this option, it will let the users to delete the unwanted apps. 
Animated Lock/Home Screens 
iOS lock screen requires revamping with the support to animated background as it Android. 
Improved multi-tasking tray 
Apple's multitasking tray, which surfaces by double-tapping the home button, is one of the slickest and most useful features in iOS. Apart from being able to view and close all of your open apps, the dock also includes controls for music and volume. Apple might add options so that users can add eight settings from your System Preferences for easy access, including screen brightness, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, Mute, Airplane Mode, Personal Hotspot, and more. 
Smarter Siri
 Siri needs to improve, and fast. Apple could catch up to Google by mimicking features like displaying the spoken text as it's said/heard, or reading aloud answers from Wikipedia or the Web directly in the results. However, what Siri really needs to be much more improvised with better integration to web. Topics: apple, ios 7, rumors, features, news, operating systems, software

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