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iPhone 5 Release date

iPhone 5 – Will It Be Released in June 2012?

While this is a hotly debated topic in the cyber-world, the chances of the iPhone 5 being released before June seem bleak. Apple has always scheduled their iPad release sometime around March. This year could see the launch of the new iPad 3. They would not want to release another version of the iPhone (iPhone 5) in just 6 months after the iPhone 4S, as it could hit their revenues being generated from it, nor would they want to have the phone competing with the pad for sales.
The iPhone 5 is a next generation phone which will include great features, but not likely to have a brand new design. There have been rumors that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE technology. If this is true, then Apple may actually change the design of the iPhone 5 to house the different modem that is needed.  This will enable high-speed transfer of voice and video data around the globe. This will be one revolutionary feature fans are waiting for.

iPhone 5
Camera buffs will continue to enjoy the high resolution camera that the iPhone 5 will sport – likely at least an 8MP camera but possibly higher. The current version of the iPhone–the 4S–features an 8MP camera that has received great reviews from 4S users. The screen is definitely larger at 4 inches on iPhone 5 as opposed to the current 3.5 inches on iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 will make use of Apple’s latest cloud technology iCloud and an upgraded version of the iOS5 software to power the phone.
Another interesting rumor is that the phone will not have buttons. Instead, a technology called ‘assistive touch’ will be utilized. The iPhone 5 will also have a new touch panel that will allow users to control with touch what could only be controlled by buttons in the older versions. However, considering Apple’s technology, they might not be ready to do away with the hardware buttons – they might assign new functions to them instead.
We might see changes to the cable connections. AppleInsider.com discovered that Apple was interested in exploring magnetic data, headphone and power connections much like the MagSafe adapters used on MacBooks. The cable that Apple is proposing is an all-in-one magnetic programmable cable that can be used on multiple portable devices. This addition, if realized, can make the iPhone 5 a lot sturdier as the phone can be sealed completely. Moisture will be kept out of the device, thereby, safeguarding valuable electronic components that could otherwise be damaged.
With the release of the iPad 3 tentatively scheduled for March 2012, as recently announced by Bloomberg, the iPhone 5 cannot be far behind.  If all goes well, we could even be holding a phone with 3D motion technology instead of the touchscreen. We can only watch and wait to see what else will be revealed about this powerful portable device.

iPhone 5 – Can you be one of first ones to have it?

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